Our Community

Today, Aurora has an active Baha'i community. The first Baha'i families arrived in Aurora in the early 1970s. By 1978, the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Aurora was established. This administrative body - which is elected annually by the community members - consists of nine members. This institution was later incorporated in 1979.

In Aurora, Baha'is work for change, sharing a common purpose and unified vision to promote the oneness of mankind, the elimination of prejudice of all kinds, the equality of men and women and the oneness of God. We are very excited to offer models of unity to our neighbourhood.

The community membership consists of diverse ethnic, age, and occupational backgrounds. We meet regularly to celebrate Baha'i Feasts and Holy Days. We also have devotional meetings, children's classes, and a variety of study classes on spiritual topics. Informal discussion, presentations and fellowship are used to explore our religion in a relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere. We are a "Baha'i Family" and welcome new members. We invite you to learn more about our Faith - its perspective of the past, its understanding of the present, and its vision of the future.

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